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Your donated Rs. 100 is so important for Bone Marrow Transplant Surgery for child whose cost is Rs. 35,00,000. If you will take great step of donation of Rs. 100, other will follow and we will get success to save the life.


Welcome Accounting Education  for Causes. There are lots of children in India who are Thalassemia major. They need from 15,00,000 to Rs. 35,00,000 for their BMT surgery. So, if you love them like your own child, you should donate us for this cause. Your each rupee will spend for this cause. With you support, we have helped two Children.

 I request to all. Please donate only Rs. 100 for this great cause. Only need 35000 donors and we will complete  our fund raise for this cause. So, please this cause add 1 item to cart. If you want to donate Rs. 200, you can add 2 items in update cart. Like this, if you want to donate Rs. 1000, you can add 10 items into cart.  Then proceed checkout and you will get my bank detail. Pay in this my bank account. After getting total amount,We will give to needy through our organisation. Thanks for reading it and support us. If you have any doubt, you can call me at my mobile no. 9356234925. Please never forget for sharing it to your friends.

Donated Report 

  • Total No. of Donors = 7 Donors have donated for this cause. (23th Nov. 2015)
  • Total Donation Amount = Rs. 2350
  • Date of Donated to Needy Party= Rs. 1000 on 25th Nov. 2011
  • Date of Donated to Needy Party = Rs. 1350 on 23th Nov. 2015

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If you face any problem, please call us at our mobile no. 9356234925